PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll

$49.95 – $149.95

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- PUREMAX Supreme Carbon is a great alternative, upgraded choice from our MAX Premium Carbon.

- 2Ply 1.5mil Supreme Quality Nano Carbon Automotive Window Film.

- Nano technology film made from Clear Polyester (Non dyed PET) with Carbon Particles found in the laminate adhesive and hard coat layers that boasts great heat rejection and color stability for a lifetime.

- High grade carbon particles with optical clear PET provides outstanding clarity and views of both the road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.

- Excellent wet/dry heat shrink ability.

- Scratch resistant, standard black color.

- Blocks 99% UV rays with no radio signal interference.

- Cooler temperatures, privacy, and car interior protection.

- Tint shades available in 5% (Limo), 15%, 20% (Dark), 25%, 35% (Medium), 40%, 50% (Light).

- Lifetime Warranty including color fading, peeling, cracking, adhesive failure and delamination.



Construction: Carbon Coating with Optical Clear PET
Color: Standard Black
Layer: 2-ply
Thickness: 1.5 mil
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Reflective: No
Metal: No
Ultra Violet Block: 99%
Visible Light Trans: 5%,20%,35%,50%

TSER Rejected: 28-58%
IR Rejected (Wide Spectrum): 23-55%



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Customer Reviews

Based on 183 reviews
José Esparza

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll

frank shuff
good item

good tint

Hector Bueno
Heat shrink

Excelente film quality especially heat shrinking. I recently changed to your film to review it and hopefully change completely to your product.
What where looking for is film that heat shrinks fast and easy due to the inventory that we have to push out at dealerships. 300 units and up every month.
Looking forward to use your more high end tint in the future to see if there a difference. So far so good with the PureMax Carbon.
All my customers are highly satisfied with the final finish of the job and hue visibility.

Joel Ellis
Has a blueish tint

I like the film. It was easy to work with but compared to my factory back windows it’s a little blue

Hello, Joel!
Our Puremax film has the true black color tone but there are color variances of factory tinted windows depends on the car manufacturers.

Arnesto Thomas


Nelson Ochoa
My new favorite tint

I was skeptical at first but the tint looks crystal clear when installed and you feel the heat it blocks. It has a nice thickness to it and shrinks easily. No issues so far and it’s been a year. Amazing high quality film for a great price. Highly recommend!

Carlos Davila
Awesome windows tint product

For the last 25 year’s installing different window tint products , I can say this product is one of the best film I uses, really good to handle it and looks great. I am proud offer this product to my clients .

Dominic Penn

It's good I love using this brand 🇻🇬😎💯👊🏿

Alex Jones

I’m in a group that some people showed where y’all sent out free samples and a lot of y’all customers was upset behind jt… I know I haven’t received anything from y’all and it would be nice if I did… I spend a lot of money with yall

Troy Gaines

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll