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First time ordering tint

Loved the website! Easy to order! And it got to me quick! Looks like a very quality product, can't wait to use it.


I love it.

Pro Triangle Corner Card
Joshua a Jackson

I liked it alot

I love it

Send us some banners to hang up ! Just ordered 5% from y’all in my shop nice !! 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥 me and my partner love it @focused_premiumdetailing

It's good I love using this brand 🇻🇬😎💯👊🏿

I’m in a group that some people showed where y’all sent out free samples and a lot of y’all customers was upset behind jt… I know I haven’t received anything from y’all and it would be nice if I did… I spend a lot of money with yall

All Windows Computer PreCut Tint Kit for SUV, Wagon & Mini vans

MAX 2Ply Premium CARBON Window Film Roll

Works great

I use this instead of using razor blades

Great service

Great service fast shipping thank you.



Perfect for Letting Customers See

These are so easy and convenient to have/use - just let the customers see the shades you have and they can touch, feel, and hold them up to their car to get an idea - excellent marketing material!

Love it!

Looks awesome and excellent material!

Pink Chizler
Tyler S.
Must have!

When you make mistakes, you need one of these! These things workout those mistakes better than anything on the market! Don't know what else could give me the results that these do.

Need these...Must Haves!!!

I honestly don't know how I would get film tucked without these things. I don't pull panels - I use these! These are definitely must haves!!

Perfect Squeegee

An industry standard for an excellent price! Use this for cleaning, prepping, laying down film, and everything in between. Has a million uses!

Excellent and "Kool" Stuff!!! Going to buy more!!

Super easy to use and apply and cut. Has outstanding clarity and the ultra high heat reduction is also a huge selling point. It has a very nice neutral tone to it making it a really good factory match. Customers are beyond happy with the results and it makes me happy too because of the price point and value for your money! Love this stuff! Thanks Lexen!!

Love it

This is great quality i have been using lexen for 5+ yrs now and do not disappoint

PUREMAX 2Ply Supreme CARBON Window Film Roll

Koolmax 2 ply tint review

Bought a few rolls in different shades to give this brand a go. At this price point I'd say it's pretty good. I had to switch from Johnsons baby shampoo to Dawn dish soap on account of the adhesive not liking whatever is in the Johnsons baby shampoo. I was having a little difficulty with adhesion as the Koolmax tints adhesive isn't the most aggressive but after switching to Dawn its going a lot better. The only other gripe I had was a little more difficulty separating the backing sheet from the tint film but again, at this price point the koolmax is hard to beat. I give it a solid 4 stars!

Please adjust your soapy solution according to the weather condition in your area as cold winter time is already here. The adhesive of ours are top quality!

Pretty decent.

it shrunk great, moved and stuck when needed. Has a small blue hue but nothing crazy. Id give a 5 star but have no long term review.

Pro Triangle Corner Card

Good film and fast shipping

Good film and fast shipping

6PCS DIY Eco Quality Tint Squeegee Tool Set

Gasket Pry Spoon
Derek Erum

Useful and affordable