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Great product

But missing 2 sprayer nozzles

Scrub pad

This is one of 2 different pads I use both are great so buy you a few more

Good product

Great Product at a Great Price

Most shops where I live only offer 1 option 1 product at 1 price and i wanted to be different.
So it took me about 1 year of using the "pureMax 2ply Supreme Carbon" and I wanted to offer my customers something at a higher price point so we decided to pull the trigger & we bought into the "KoolMax 2ply Supreme Nano Ceramic"
And began to offer it to customers because they kept asking about Ceramics.
I have to say over all its been a good product. I can't say great because I've had a few boxes show up & the adhesive on the film wasn't very good & I've actually had to replace the film on customers car from the film peeling up on them. This only happened to me with 1 Box of 15%. All other shades, I haven not had a problem with.
However other than that, I love the film!
I love the way it shrinks & how clear it is not to mention absoutly no scratches at all & overall it blocks the heat it says it does & it just looks great.
My customers love it & stand by it as they can tell the difference from the carbon to the ceramic & I have several customers that want the best of the best & they pay for it no questions asked.

Great Product at a Great Price

We fell in love with 'PureMax 2ply Supreme Carbon Film'
For a Nano Carbon Film out of all the films I have worked with in my 23 years of experience & all the high end named brand films I've used,
this 'Puremax Film' is amongst some of the best stuff I've ever used.
So at this point I've been using the PureMax in my shop for about 3 years and I love it,
but what truly matters is that the end consumer, my customers absoutly love it.
I can honestly say at this point it's some of the best Nano Carbon Films on the market, and it can definantly hang with some of the Big Dogs as far as brand names & pricing goes.
Give it a try you won't be disappointed espically.

Good products Great Price

When i first started using Lexen about 3 years ago, i started off with the Max 2ply premium carbon and my customers liked it & I had no complaints about it from anyone.
It is a good product! it just shrinks a little quick or differently however it's not bad at all & doesn't take long to adjust to it.
If your looking into trying it out I say go for it however if you have the extra money don't think twice & go straight for the "PureMax 2ply Supreme Carbon" I promise you won't regret it.

Anyhow I wanted to leave this review for future customers who are looking into trying Lexen films I hear bad things about it from other people,
but I assume they never used it or they try the cheapest option and assume it's all no good.
But as far as me I've got 23 years in the business & I know window films like I know my wife and if it wasn't a good product it wouldn't of lasted in my shop & still on the shelf 3 years later & still going.
Give it a try you won't be disappointed espically.

Wagner heat gun

Easy to handle and works good with shrinking film as well.

Extremely good piece of equipment.

Great quality and easy to install

I’m super happy with how everything turned out for me on my 2020 Ford Explorer.


Great quality, would most definitely buy again!

This the one!!

Love how the ceramic shrinks! Very easy to work with!

Hard Card Sharpening Tool
Justin Bradford
Hard Card Sharpening Tool

Works great to give new life to those old beat up hard cards and triangle tools. Makes edges smooth again

NT Pro Red Dot Knife
henry daniel
Great product and value

This is not a cheap quality tint. The paper is far more greater compared to those cheap eBay ones. Immediately noticeable when you feel it.

Good Tint to work with

I think you for allowing me to do business with y'all so far I like this tint it is very easy to work with so I will be getting some more tint from y'all thanks Sean Shubert

Great product

Very fast shipping, Friendly service. I’m happy with the quality of tint. Will be placing another order soon.

Thin White Scrub Pad 6"x9"
James Sturdevant
Great product

Works great. Exactly as described. Will definitely buy again.

Must have for back windshields…

Does what it claims to do.


Shaping is easy and looks great on every car we done even sent 2 other tinters

Carbon Film

Excellent product. Been using for 2-3 years now and never received a complaint for customers. Shrinks well and also looks great.

Great Quality Tint

I love using LEXEN tint. It’s great quality and easy to work with.

Great film and service!

Thank you

Great film. Great price. Great service. I would highly recommend to anyone looking for window tint.

premium carbon series

does the job not a bad product. I use suntek normally but been having problems with shipping but with yall shipments arrive no issue so as of now im happy with the product will give another review on further use of the prooduct

Film review

The order came in a timely manner after order. I am happy with the product quality and shrink ability. I have been using your film for the past 2 plus years and have not had any issues this far.