Window Film Roll Warranty Policy

You must completely fill out and retain this warranty and present it, together with proof of purchase and photo of defective tinted window on the vehicle to validate your warranty.

We only reimburse the tint material and labor cost excluding labor cost for tint removal. ($150 Max per each warranty claim)

Window Film Care: Maintenance should be followed to extend the life and appearance of your Lexen Automotive Film, as well as maintain your warranty coverage. Do not roll down tinted windows for a period of 3 days until the film has properly adhered to the glass. Do not use abrasive cleaner or coarse cloths. Use a mild soap or widow cleaner without ammonia in it and clean with soft cloth.

The installer is solely responsible for the quality of the installation on your vehicle. email to


Limited Lifetime Warranty provides a limited Lifetime warranty including peeling, cracking, adhesive failure, delamination and unusual change of color (i.e.-purple) from original date of installation, This warranty is for the original customer and is non-transferable. This warranty is valid only when the products are used in compliance with all applicable state or provincial laws. Installation of this product in a manner that violates state or provincial law is a misuse of the product and voids all warranties, expressed or implied, including but not limited to the warranty of merchantability.

To make a claim, please fill this out warranty form and sales receipt in order to process any claim. To print out our Lifetime Warranty Card: