UV Protection

Window film virtually blocks out all ultra-violet (UV) rays from the sun, acting like a layer of sunscreen to protect you, your vehicle.

IR Heat Rejection

Infrared radiation (IR) is responsible for that burning heat you feel on your arm while you wait at a traffic light.
Window film can help make your commute more comfortable by taking away that annoying heat.

Reduces Glare

Glare can be a nuisance and even dangerous while driving. Whether it be from the sun, headlights, or a reflection, window film will help reduce the glare.

Security & Privacy

Incase of an accident, window film can help keep the glass together in one piece and you can give yourself more privacy in your vehicle.

Fade Protection

Window tint can help preserve the interior of your vehicle including the upholstery, carpeting and dashboard which can fade over time by exposure to sunlight.