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Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen
Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50" - Lexen

Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50"

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MUST-HAVE Tint Tools for all Auto Window Tinters!

Large Size High Absorbent Thin Microfiber Dash Towel.

Super easy to tuck our high quality thin microfiber towel in the gap between windshield and dash.

Protect the interior and prevent water damage to radios, speakers, sensors, leather and sued / cloth interiors.

Also makes for an easy cleanup when the job is done.

White color towel gives you better visibility when hand cutting the film.



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          Lifetime Warranty

          Lifetime Warranty for Unmatched Quality and Performance


          Carbon and Ceramic Particle Innovation

          This technology uniquely blends carbon and ceramic particles to create a robust heat barrier, offering easy installation due to its 1.5 mil thickness, a feature that stands out compared to traditional dyed or metalized films.

          Keeps You Comfortable

          Particle Window Tint blocks solar heat radiation to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature and improve fuel efficiency.

          Enhanced UV Protection

          Lexen window tint is highly effective, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays, thereby reducing the risk of numerous skin cancers, preventing premature aging, and minimizing skin cell damage.

          Improved Visibility

          Traditionally, achieving cooler interior temperatures meant opting for darker tints. Our advanced multi-layer nano-carbon or ceramic design, however, delivers superior performance without compromising outward visibility.

          Minimizes Sun Glare

          The LEXEN Window Tint effectively cuts down the glare from the sun, improving visibility and lessening strain on the eyes.

          Uninterrupted Signal Integrity

          In today's digital era, uninterrupted communication is essential. The Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint's design ensures no disruption to radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signal transmissions.

          Attractive Appearance

          The black hue of our Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint selections offers an excellent complement to OEM privacy glass and maintains its consistent color over time.

          Trust in LEXEN for a long-lasting solution to keep your vehicle cool, comfortable, and protected.


          Customer Reviews

          Based on 19 reviews
          DEVIN BROWN
          The dash towel does what is advertised

          It works for me!! I use it for everything and it works!!

          Paul Phillips
          Dash towel

          Excellent for keeping water off of radios and dash components, works great with a soak rope aswell

          Paul Phillips
          Dash towel

          Goes excellent with soak rope to keep unwanted water out from behind the dashboard. Works great

          Kelvin Soto

          Loved all of it, good material.

          Rafael Brown
          Dashboard towel

          Awesome towel big enough to cover a full size pickup or suv hole dash. Also when working with car like corvette, older camaro nice to have protection on rear fenders and bumper.

          Austin Collins
          Good product

          Massive towel

          Wendell Davis
          Dashboard towel

          The dashboard towel is amazing. Love the way it picks up water. Couldn’t asked for a better towel.

          tucker peterson

          Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50"

          Ingmar Centurion

          Full Size Dashboard Thin Microfiber Towel 75"X50"

          Steve Bryan
          Really nice

          Definitely a great price and this thing is big enough to cover every vehicle I put it on.