Tint Meter with IR and UV - LS163A


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Newest model-LS163A window film transmission meter is an instrument for measuring the optical properties of uniform and transparent materials such as solar film and automobile side glass.

Tint transmission meter can select the measurement interface to display the infrared and ultraviolet rejection and transmittance.

It works on roll down windows, just slide it over the window and wait for the reading, which takes about four seconds to calculate. Once finished, just slide it off the window.

The window film transmission meter has small size with anti-slip design. The anti-slip design is convenient for holding or carrying out.

The instrument adopts LCD dot matrix screen with backlight, which can be used in dark environment.

The tint tester is powered by 4 AAA alkaline dry batteries with low power consumption. It can continuously measure for more than 100 hours. The meter will automatically shut down without operation after 3 minutes.

LS163A has IR Peak wavelength at 1400nm (Wide spectrum) VS most other meters at 940nm (narrow spectrum)


Transmission Meter Parameters

UV Peak wavelength 365nm
IR Peak wavelength 1400nm
Visible light 380-760nm, conform to the CIE photopic luminosity function
Accuracy ±2% (Colorless and transparent material)
Resolution 0.1%
Test Slot 6mm *58mm (W*D)
Dimension 146 mm ×73 mm ×24 mm (L*W*H)
Display 128*128 Dot matrix LCD
Weight 187g (Include Batteries)
Power supply 4*AAA alkaline batteries

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Tint Meter with IR and UV - LS163A