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PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film
PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film

PUREMAX Supreme Carbon Window Film

Size: 20" X 100'
20" X 100'
24" X 100'
36" X 100'
40" X 100'
12" X 100'
Shade: 5%
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PUREMAX Supreme Carbon is a great alternative, upgraded choice from our MAX Premium Carbon.

2Ply 1.5mil Supreme Quality Nano Carbon Automotive Window Film.

Nano technology film made from Clear Polyester (Non dyed PET) with Carbon Particles found in the laminate adhesive and hard coat layers that boasts great heat rejection and color stability for a lifetime.

High grade carbon particles with optical clear PET provides outstanding clarity and views of both the road and roadside scenery are sharp and clear.

Excellent wet/dry heat shrink ability.

Scratch resistant, standard black color.

Blocks 99% UV rays with no radio signal interference.

Cooler temperatures, privacy, and car interior protection.

Tint shades available in 5% (Limo), 15%, 20% (Dark), 25%, 35% (Medium), 40%, 50% (Light).

Lifetime Warranty includes color fading, peeling, cracking, delaminating and adhesive failure.

It is highly recommended to use Tint Slime slip mounting solution for easier/faster installation and prolong the life of film.


Film Layer Construction

Carbon Film Layer Construction

Detailed Construction: Carbon Coating with Clear PETSR Hard-Coating/Clear PET Film/CARBON Pigment+Special Glue/Clear PET Film/Strong Installation Glue/Release Film(23µM)


Construction: Carbon Coating with Optical Clear PET
Color: Standard Black
Layer: 2-ply
Thickness: 1.5 mil
Scratch Resistant: Yes
Reflective: No
Metal: No
Ultra Violet Block: 99%
Visible Light Trans: 5%,20%,35%,50%

TSER Rejected: 28-58%
IR Rejected (Wide Spectrum): 23-55%



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        Carbon and Ceramic Particle Innovation

        This technology uniquely blends carbon and ceramic particles to create a robust heat barrier, offering easy installation due to its 1.5 mil thickness, a feature that stands out compared to traditional dyed or metalized films.

        Keeps You Comfortable

        Particle Window Tint blocks solar heat radiation to keep your vehicle at a comfortable temperature and improve fuel efficiency.

        Enhanced UV Protection

        Lexen window tint is highly effective, blocking over 99% of harmful UV rays, thereby reducing the risk of numerous skin cancers, preventing premature aging, and minimizing skin cell damage.

        Improved Visibility

        Traditionally, achieving cooler interior temperatures meant opting for darker tints. Our advanced multi-layer nano-carbon or ceramic design, however, delivers superior performance without compromising outward visibility.

        Minimizes Sun Glare

        The LEXEN Window Tint effectively cuts down the glare from the sun, improving visibility and lessening strain on the eyes.

        Uninterrupted Signal Integrity

        In today's digital era, uninterrupted communication is essential. The Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint's design ensures no disruption to radio, cellular, or Bluetooth signal transmissions.

        Attractive Appearance

        The black hue of our Carbon and Ceramic Window Tint selections offers an excellent complement to OEM privacy glass and maintains its consistent color over time.

        Trust in LEXEN for a long-lasting solution to keep your vehicle cool, comfortable, and protected.


        Customer Reviews

        Based on 337 reviews

        Awesome product.


        Good product do recommend.


        Good product, do recommend !

        High Grade Quality

        If you’re looking for an easy shrink and install the Supreme Carbon is the best. The white box is affordable but it’s the hardest to work with. Spend a little more money, charge more for prices and receive better reviews. Trust me you won’t be unsatisfied! IG: Infinite.tints




        Crease like no tomorrow hardest film I’ve ever tried shrinking

        We're sorry to hear that you found our film difficult to shrink; however, our film is actually very easy to heat shrink. If you have any specific issues or questions about the film, please feel free to reach out to our customer support team, and they will be happy to assist you in any way they can.

        Denis Voytekhovich
        Awesome value, great quality, FAST and FREE Shipping!

        Best bang for your buck in my opinion. Shrinks and installs really well and love the shipping speed! Arrives within 3 days everytime and is free!


        Started using Lexen puremax in 2020. l will say that I have not had a single failure in terms of fading or glue failure thus far. I've put this film on hundreds of cars! Here is my honest opinion about puremax a tinter with 10 years of experience. For the money hands down you will not find a better film!! Ive used just about everything from xpel, solar fx, avery dennison, aswf, geo shiled the list goes on.
        The good: film is thick and NOT cheap and flimsy 1ply! Color is good almost a perfect factory match. The price!!! The film arrives in perfect condition and the boxes are good quality and look great! Customer service is on point! The clarity is great and you can heat out any little corner creases from folding the film during 2 staging if need be with a torch and watch them disappear. With the right technique and some practice it shrinks well. The glue is strong and consistent! The film meters well on and blocks a good amount of heat! This is a real carbon film with no dyes!
        The bad: The 20%'s color is a tinge on the blue side but it seems to match well enough only a trained eye can see it. The scratch coat is bad. If you do not have slip tape on your corner cards it will scratch and can ruin a perfect install! Make sure you put slip tape your hard cards it will save you from having a melt down! Shrinking it is an art you have to barley heat it and smooth it out or you will melt it every time. A lot of tinters I know say lexen film does not shrink. Dryer sheets make it shrink a lot easier! Small amount of low angle haze but not enough to stop using it. Overall It keeps me coming back and the customers love it! Thank you Lexen for a great affordable product! You can see Lexen film in action on my Instagram @Westside_Tints


        I like this tint, the only thing it was little difficult to shrink the back window other then that quality of the tint is great and the shipping time is awesome like I said on my previous reviews You guys do a awesome job and love all your products I will only use you guys. You have the fastest turnaround in your shipping department, and that is one of the reasons I order from Lexen. Your packaging is awesome. Lexen, you guys are better than a lot of other companies out there .

        MC Car Audio

        Excellent and reliable product, I have not had any problems or complaints, the truth is, I am very satisfied.